Olympos Teleferik Tracking

In order for our visitors to be able to experience various reflections of Mount Tahtalı all day long, apart from our regular daytime trips, we offer Sunrise program with a hot drink and biscuit to explorers who wake up early and an impressive Sunset program for your romantic evening meals. Let be witness to the sun awakening the nature to a hectic day at dawn, in the east, with the first red rays visible in the sea horizon or to salute the star dome that farewell with the light rays of the sun silently extending from the mountain peaks of the west in the evening time. our facility is suitable for all kinds of personal and group activities. See more.

Olympos Teleferik Tracking

The Scope and Security of The Service

ESCAPE company was established in 1996 in Babadağ, Fethiye for tandem paragliding service and since 2011, it has been continuing its operations without interruption in Olympos Cable Car facility which is established on Tahtalı Mountain. ESCAPE is subject to ISO 9001 quality assurance system and Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) also has Group A classification travel agencies. The company also has the permission of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism to offer sports activities. Thousands of enthusiastic visitors have experienced the ESCAPE services that started in 2011 at the Olympos Cable Car facility. See more. 

Single Pilot Info: http://escape2olympos.com/single-pilot

Olympos Teleferik Catapult Tramboline

We consider how do attacking pilots feel during their maneuvers among us. And we offer an extraordinary experience. Our partner company SKYPARK/ANTALYA awaits adventurers at the summit station who want to experience the climax of bungee-Catapult excitement. Maximum safety precautions have been taken for this event, which our service partner offers. Participants in this event are firmly placed on a seat in order with a safety belt secured to a number of elastic traction bands. The operator who runs the bungee-jumping continiously controls your adventure and arranges the time according to your demands Your experience , starting with maximum acceleration will first push you firmly into your belts and then salto that has been done expertly within the fractions of seconds by exciting oscillations will leave you to a free-fall. See more.

Olympos Teleferik Tracking

If you want to make summit trekking in winter, where it is short but sometimes severe, you need to have professional equipment. But climbing to the peak of the mountain in spring, summer or autumn, it is possible with a robust hiking equipment that can be obtained easily for the trekking groups who have middle level condition and wide age level. The walking path that provides the transportation between Baycık or Kuzdere destination and our peak station is marked. In the antique age, a walkingway of the Lycian hiking trail that lays between Fethiye and Antalya , passes through the Tahtalı Mountain's hillside. Göynük Canyon at the north, historical Phaselis and Chimera ruins at the south and much further Antique Olympos and Adrasan region that stays inside green jungles upto Mediterranean sea shore. They are the most visiting points of our near regions. See more. 

Olympos Teleferik Tracking

When our visitors ,who prefer to explore the nature, climb up to the summit station by walk following marked path, they are allowed to take their bike with them.

It is possible to reach the 2.365m Tahtalı Mountain, known as Olympos in ancient times, on foot in winter, only with suitable Alpin clothing and equipment due to the severe weather conditions.

Beydağları Coastal National Park; with Topçam, Küçük Çaltıcak, Büyük Çaltıcak , Kargıcak, Beldibi, Göynük Canyon, Kesmeboğaz Passage, Yarıkpınar and Çıralı/Yanartaş locations, includes easily reachable strolling, picnic and relaxing areas for our native public and guests who already knows the region well. See more.