Dear Visitors,

I would like to thank you for your interest in our Olympos Cable Car and share some information about our company.

Our cable car is located in Kemer, inside Beydağları National Park 50km from Antalya City Center. It opened in 2007, and was constructed by DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA, as quality, technology, and market leader in ropeway engineering.

Since its opening in 2007, approximately 350,000 visitors have experienced the adventure and excitement of Tahtalı Mountain. The safety, comfort, and wonderful holiday experience of our dear customers are our most important priorities. This, owe to the success of our engineers and technicians and the secure cable car technology we owe to our establishment’s construction company DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA.

The journey that you'll make from our lower station which is at the sea level to our peak station which is about 2,365m high, lasts about 10 minutes. This cable car adventure takes you high over the incomparable Beydağları Coastal National Park and carries you over the Pine trees and Cedar trees that are characteristic of this region and various local prevalent plants.

The peak of Tahtalı mountain welcomes you with unmatched panoramic views on our sightseeing terraces with 360 degree views and pure mountain air. If you wish, you can partake in the delicious menu at the Shakespeare Restaurant, and enjoy the time by chatting with your friends in tranquility.

It is possible to purchase a one-way-ticket for the visitors who want to experience more of nature. To reach the summit, visitors may follow the marked roads, and have a chance to examine the prevalent plants and wildlife.

Our shop at the peak station has information that will assist you while walking and with the tour guides. We kindly advise our visitors who love adventure to make a reservation for the paragliding that our partner company ESCAPE offers. You can take off from the world's highest mountain peak which is the nearest to the sea, pass through the clouds, and over the National Park forests. Please don't miss the joy and excitement of flying like a bird and soaring from the peak to the shore city of Phaselis.

To our visitors who would like to fly from other places, we recommend trying bungee-jumping which gives you the most speedy feeling of gravity by our service partner company SKYPARK ANTALYA. Please see the information and details on our internet page for particular seasons and periods.

I hope this imaginary journey that I created has influenced you, with the help of our service partners, and hope to welcome you at OLYMPOS CABLE CAR soon.

Haydar Gümrükçü – CEO