Olympos, Beydaglari Nationalpark


Located in a dreamy natural park - Olympos.

Olympos has characteristics more than a mountain. The place full of adventure with its unique fauna and flora: Olympos, Beydaglari National Park.


The park which has been declared by the Board of Ministers as a national park in 16.03.1972 and has a 34.425 hectares of area when the settlements have been left out of the borders of National Parks, begins from Sarisu located at the southwestern part of Antalya and reaches out to Gelidonya Foreland parallel to the Mediterranean across the Kemer-Kumluca shoreline.

The Cultural Source Values of the National Park: The Olympos, Phaselis and Idyros ancient cities are in the National Park which is located between the Pamphylia and Lycia shores. Although, the number of these coastal settlements are low in number, they are very old. There are the city of Phaselis as the first settlement of the coastline which has been established as a Rhodesian Colony in B.C. 7th century and the Olympos Ruins. The natural gas which springs out of the cracks of limestone and serpentine formations of the mountainous area located a few kilometers west Olympos which is mentioned in the Iliad of Homer and called “The Fire Which Never Goes Out" has been burning for centuries and adds mythological value to the region by mentioning in the Bellerophontos mythos as Chimaira (Burning Stone).  Furthermore; the Beldibi Cave which is located at the southern opening of the Camdag Tunnel and used 9 thousands of years before also supports the existing source value. Natural Source Values: Rich biological diversity, epic and geomorphologic formations (Goynuk Canyon, Kesme Bosporus, Beldibi Canyon and hot spots) can be considered as the other worth-seeing natural and geological beauties of the park. The national park with rich biological diversity, 0-2365 m of elevation difference and various altitude characteristics, the vegetation cover presenting plant associations of all climatic types of the Mediterranean Region begins with calabrian pines on the shore and black pines are observed by elevation and ground cedars are seen over 1000 meters. There are almost 865 plant species inside the park borders and 25 of them are endemic to the region and only grow in that region. Their rate to the number of species is 3%. 154 (18%) of them have been identified as endemic to Turkey (Pesmen, 1980).  As well as rare mammals such as mountain goat, imperial eagle, bobcat, caracal and wolf in the National Park, 72 of 465 bird species of Turkey live in that region (Kiziroglu, 1993). Furthermore, 3 species of endemic butterflies live in that region.


Topcam, Kucuk Calticak, Buyuk Calticak, Kargicak, Beldibi, Goynuk Canyon, Kesme Bosporus, Yarikpinar, Cirali Yanartas (Burning Stone) are the main Excursion and Break Points of the Beydaglari Coastal National Park which are extensively used by our people. It is possible to perform Sea sports, picnic, camping, trekking, paragliding and etc. open field activities and visit archeological places during all seasons of a year in the National Park with Mediterranean climatic characteristics. It is possible to perform a nature walk in the National Park beginning from the seashore to the slopes of the mountains and you can be alone together with the nature of the National Park with almost a thousand of plant species and emerald green ground cedars at various heights of the mountains. Places recommended for the ones who desire a nature walk in the National Park are; Goynuk-Ovacik, Tekirova-Cirali, Saricinar-Goynuk, Beycik-Cukuryayla tracks and Goynuk Canyon. (However, entrance without a guide is forbidden.)

While, climbing over 2365 meters high Mountain of Tahtali by a cable car, you can see the plant cover at all heights, geological formations and wild life and you can observe the entire National Park from the peak of Tahtali Mountain. On the other hand, you can have a sunbath on the 3.2 km long virgin Cirali beach which is also a nesting and spawning area for turtles, you can watch the unique panorama of Yanartas (Chimera) where you can reach 15 minutes of night walk with a flashlight. It is possible to perform canyoneering at Goynuk Canyon. Folkloric Nomad Park where the values of traditional nomad culture are kept alive and the Ayisigi Park (Moonlight Park) are among the worth-seeing places of the region. You can see the beauties of geological, historical, flora and fauna of the region in the Phaselis and Olympos ancient cities. On the excursion points of the region with long beaches where sea and forest embrace one another as very rare natural wonders of the world, all stress of a day can be discharged by performing activities such as picnics, nature walks, trekking, beach activities and etc.  

CONTACT  : 0242 345 14 65 the Directorate of Beydaglari Coastal National Park

                    : 0242 814 15 07 the National Park Engineering Department


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